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                                               MEDICAL BOARD OF ALTERNATIVE SYSTEM OF MEDICINES


Electro Homoeopathy is a scientific system of medicine which is quit harmless unique and natural Dr. Count Ceasre Mattei of Bologna Italy has invented it on about 1865.

This system of medicine is based on the principles that the human organization is entirely composed of two elementary fluids lymph and blood and health and disease are depended on these fluids and" complexa complexis curentur"

The electricity have been observed in all the living beings including plants it is proved that no cell no tissues and no organ (or a body )could possibly manifest its lighting functions and basic principal of the science that the manufacture. transmission, utilsation and discharge of electrical energy of living cells is responsible for metabolism of the body and also give us a rational explanation for all the phenomenon of Life Health diseases and therapeutics.

The system maintains the utility of od – force prescribing from vegetable kingdom ,based on principal of application Law of polarity, Electro (positive & Negative) relation between .the proper remedy and living beings and similarity of drug strength with the ratio of organic function . the electro homoeopathic remedies have the maximum curative capacity and the capacity to regulate the lymph and blood also to keep them purified.

Totally in short, according to Dr. C. C. Mattei "Life and Health" are in the blood in the and lymph, that disease is in the vitiation of the blood or of both together.


Electro Homoeopathy is an important scientific discovery which is modern and efficient. Even in advanced countries like England U.S.A, Germany, Italy and Switzerland it has been a well accepted and popular system of medicine.

In India Electro Homoeopath is being given much greater patronage and importance that ever before. As system of treatment which is very efficient and yet. a cheaper one. Its popularity is rapidly increasing day by day .Even the believers of other system of treatment are now switching over to the time prover concept of Electro Homoeopathy.


The objective of the board could be outlined as follows :

  1. The import instruction teaching and thoughtful training in the principal of Electro Homoeopathic and alternative system of medicines.
  2. To give a peculiar training in Electro Homoeopathic and alternative medicines material medical and Therapeutics.
  3. To create a sense of awareness among the people that most of their bodily aliments can be cured by natural system of treatment such as Electro Homoeopathic and alternative medicines.
  4. To propagate the Electro Homoeopathic and alternative system of Medicine as the treatment is cheap. Do not cause any harmful side effect and the cures are faster and of a permanent nature.
  5. To popularize the system of Electro Homoeopathic and alternative which has been proved to be the most efficacious scientific natural and harmless, System of medicines which cures all acute and chronic disease with remarkable success and all diseases cured without any surgical operation.
  6. To produce useful capable well trained and successful physicians and true healers of the sick.
  7. To build up a band of people devoted to the noble cause of Electro Homoeopathic and Alternative medicines a band who would bring relief to the sufferings of the sick and in the process create a career for themselves.
  8. To deliver the people from energy sapping diseases and dependence a costly and habit-forming patented medicine.
  9. To educate the common people in matter of personal hygiene sanitation and diseases preventive methods create in the care and consciousness and lead a healthy vigorous life.
  10. To strive for the pro motion and development of Electro homeopathic and Alternative system in India and especially in M.P. so that it can attain its undisputed place as well accepted system of Medical Science

Medical Board of Alternative System of Medicines, New Delhi (INDIA) is established from 1995. Board is conducting the theoretical education and practice training in Electro Homoeopathy and Alternative system of medicines.

Right to practice and impart education in Alternative Systems, Electro Homoeopathy and Biochemical System of Medicines by the order of High Court, Jabalpur, dated 19.3.1999.

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